Slumber Party Bath Bomb


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 Herbaceous lavendar buds and calming chamomile flowers get cozy and snuggly with warm, sexy tonka bean, rich vanilla, and the faintest whisper of ylang-ylang...Slumber Party is the literal OG of Bomb Diggy...the first house blend I ever created! It's had 3 makeovers over the years, and has become such a favorite, how could I not bring it back? Coming up, we all played hard at our slumber parties, talked about boys, played our games (GOD I miss Girl Talk and Mall Madness!), and then were told to get comfy in our sleeping bags...I always had a hard time sleeping after all that, so one of these would have come in handy back then! Drop this dark purple bomb into your bath, kick back, and watch the purple bloom, twinkling with little eco friendly silver stars and shimmer, as bright sky blue begins to shoot from the center...your'e left with a silky, calming, deep blue purple bath, reminiscent of a gorgeous night sky...Sweet Dreams!


This product contains essential oils and absolutes. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a physician before use.



Bath Bomb Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot powder, corn starch (zea mays), potassium bartitartrate, proprietary fragrance and/or essential oil blend, cocomidoproyl betaine, FD&C colorants, mica.

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Pookie Tanner Jul 22nd 2016


I LOVE using the Slumber Party bath bomb before bedtime. The lavender inside really helps you relax and unwind after a long, hard day of work. Breath this scent in deeply and you will be taken to the moon! Its sooo relaxing. This bath bomb is a staple for bedtime and probably would be fun for children to use for bedtime. LOVE IT!! THANKS JAIME!

Amy W. Jul 15th 2016


The most beautiful silky, sparkly water!! Heavenly!

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