Scent List -


Below is a list of the various scents that our bombs, body creams, and parfums are available in: 

Da Bomb - Rich, creamy vanilla, sexy sandalwood, and a puff of smoky, seductive frankincense.

Eat a Peach - a delicious blend of peach and marshmallow

Fizzy Lifter - Sparkling, effervescent bubbles, tart, juicy pineapple chunks and a sprightly sprig of peppermint.

Fresh to Death - Water lilies, water musks, airy ozone notes, orange blossoms and fig leaves, nestled on a bed of silvery birch.

"I Love You, Honey Bunny" - Fresh, crisp pear slices and shiny red Fuji apples dipped in a dollop of rich, dark honey.

Silly Rabbit - All things childhood! Crunchy, fruity cereal, gummy bears, and creamy vanilla sugar milk.

Slow Jamz - Three different blackberry notes, strawberry, raspberry, dark black cherry and yuzu, grounded with black currant bud absolute.

Slumber Party - Herbaceous lavendar buds and calming chamomile flowers get cozy and snuggly with warm, sexy tonka bean, rich vanilla, and the faintest whisper of ylang-ylang.

So Fresh and So Green - Crisp, green notes of freshly cut grass, gardens, sunshine, and rich soil, grounded with violet leaf absolute.

Supa' Fly - A juicy, energizing blend of white and pink grapefruits, chilled cucumber, perky orange kumquats, mimosas at brunch, and sparkling bursts of lemon and lime.