Pretty Piece of Flesh Bath Bomb

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Yesssss the Pretty Piece of Flesh bath bomb is finally here! Set this bright red, foaming fizzer into your tub, and prepare to have the stars collide, and worlds divide...lipstick red gives way to a gorgeous royal purple center, filled with a smattering of gold biodegradable stars...the juicy house blend of sweet, red rooibos tea, tart pomegranate, and a drop of dark, resinous black currant bud absolute will have you showing your crest, representing Montague, in a deep, shimmering reddish purple bath ...Stars collide, worlds divide...YOU are a Pretty Piece of Flesh...



Ingerdients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cream of tartar, arrowroot powder, corn starch, cocomidopropyl betaine (coconut derived surfactant), proprietary fragrance and/or essential oil blend, batch certified f,d,and c colorants, biodegradable confetti, biodegradable luster, mica.


This product may contain essential oils, absolutes, and botanical extracts. Please contact a physician if you are pregnant or nursing before use.

2 Reviews

lushlord Jul 7th 2018

left me starry eyed

This bomb is obviously gorgeous, but it further unravels beauty when placed in the tub... & the scent? THE SCENT?! Such a heavenly, NOT ARTIFICIAL, pomegranate / berry scent. Better than imagined, 5/5, would purchase again.

Erica Jun 22nd 2018


I fell in love with this scent when this was originally in the PPOF Bubbler. It is amazing in a bath bomb as well, and this bomb puts on one heck of a color show as well.

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