Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Bath Bomb

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Calling all 80's babies! (or 80's music lovers, I mean...who doesn't love Cyndi?!) This house blend of marshmallows fresh from the bag, cotton candy, bubblegum (that old school Double Bubble scent!), red fruits, and dark, juicy blueberry was one that was missed, so I brought it back in the the perfect shape! Set this bomb gently into your bath, and watch as neon yellow gives way to bright orange (her hair! haha), with hot pinks and lipstick reds shooting out amidst a ton of gold shimmer...such a fun bath bomb that'll take you back in time! "Oh girls, we wanna have fuh-unnn...oh-ooo girls just wanna have fuuuuuunnnn!"


This product contain essential oils and absolutes. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a physician before use.



Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot powder, corn starch (zea mays), potassium bartitartrate, proprietary fragrance and/or essential oil blend, cocomidoproyl betaine, FD&C colorants, mica.



3 Reviews

Juliana Aug 13th 2018

Girls just wanna take baths!!

This was my first, but definitely wont be my last, bath bomb I used from Bomb Diggy. This little guy foamed, fizzled, and moved around my tub like some kind of magical time machine. The smell was spot on to what I imagined it to be. The color of the bath water was like psychedelic, glittery Tang! I was a child of the 80's, big hair, Aquanet, even had orange hair at one point! This scent, sent me right back to high school, and I loved it!!

Erica May 10th 2018

FUN Bath Bomb FO SHO

This bath bomb lives up to its name; it's all about the fun! I not only loved this one, but so did my boyfriend. Gorgeous color show and a super delicious scent. Tell me these little mix tapes aren't the cutest most unique thing going around in the bath bomb world right now ;)

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