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Bomb Diggy! Bath & Beauty was started in October of 2014 with a simple concept in mind - Fun, nostalgic, handmade bath & body products that take you back in time to a place of smiles, laughter, and wonder!  We want to make your "me time" an experience to remember with quality products that you won't find anywhere else.  ;)


We are small home-based indie company. Each bath bomb, bubble bar, lux body cream, and sugar scrub is formulated, concocted, and packaged by my talented wife, Jaime (our resident scent mixologist and bath "arteest") and I handle the boring technical/business stuff (YAY for me! Hehehe)... All our products are child safe as our 4 year old chief product tester, JoJoBug, can attest to. 

If you've made it to our little website or better yet, purchased from us before, we'd like to thank you for you interest and support.  It's people like you that pass on the mass produced corporate products and help keep the indie dream and small businesses like ours alive. So, welcome to the fam, we're happy to have you! Much love, sparkles, rainbows and memories! Gratzi!



If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us here.


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*A quick note on clean up: Many of our products are intensely pigmented for a bright and lively bath experience; however, Jaime has formulated them with a unique blend of body safe, water soluble colorants, micas, and surfactants which allow those beautiful colors to wash down the drain instead of staining of your body or tub.  Any color or shimmer that may be left in your tub after your bathing experience can be rinsed easily by briefly running the shower or splashing some water in the bath.